Nine children. One mum and dad. ZERO benefits. Meet an utterly inspiring family of the sort you feared no longer existed….

 The Barrett family has nine children, one mum and dad and ZERO benefits

The Barrett family has two parents and nine kids aged between five and 27. Ann and William, 51, still live in the house they bought as a young couple. The family, from Wembley, North London, have never claimed child benefits. People often wrongly assume that they are a ‘blended family’ and their nine children are the result of a complex web of current and previous relationships. Sometimes they make the mistake of thinking the youngest two, Bessie, seven, and Johnboy, five, are Ann and William’s grandchildren and one of their adult daughters is their mother. But, a rarity these days, all nine children have the same very happily married mum and dad, who both work to support their family without relying on any state benefits. From left to right: Oliver 21, Kitty 18, Florence 23, Ann (mum) 51, William 51, Matilde 19, Livvy 27, Front Row, Louis 13, Bessie 7, John Boy 5 & Malachy 15.


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