New Battlefield Hardline XBox One [XB1]

Battlefield Hardline XBox One [XB1]                                                                                                 EA’s long-running first-person shooter franchise leaves the world of soldiers and war in favor of cops, robbers, and urban combat in Battlefield Hardline. In the single-player campaign gamers guide new detective Nick Mendoza on an episodic crime drama set in the streets of Miami and Los Angeles, and the choices they make can drastically affect future events Battlefield Hardline . Multiplayer fans can take on a number of different modes as a police officer or a criminal, using more than 30 new gadgets, weapons, and vehicles to do battle across nine large maps designed for speed and destruction Battlefield Hardline game. Hardline’s single-player mode offers seven extra cases outside of the main campaign, and while Mendoza can use the latest weaponry to neutralize his foes, he can also employ less violent means to solve crime, including flashing his badge to strike fear in criminals, using a scanner to tag evidence and build case files, and tossing shell casings to cause a distraction Battlefield Hardline cheats. Hardline features traditional multiplayer modes like Conquest and Team Deathmatch, but it also offers five new modes, as well as the Hacker mode, an updated version of Commander mode from Battlefield 4, in which gamers act as technical support for their squad, hacking into cameras, emptying gas lines, exploding transformers, and tapping into GPS systems to reveal enemies or conceal teammates.                                                                                                                                       Three new large-scale multiplayer modes in in Hardline include: Heist, in which criminals try to break into vaults and make off with the cash, while cops try to stop them; Blood Money, where both factions collect money from a crate at the center of the map and try to return it to their respective armored vehicles; and Hotwire, where the cops and criminals are both trying to acquire marked cars. The game also offers two new, fast-paced five-on-five modes in which players have only three minutes to complete their task, and there is no respawning. In Rescue mode, cops win by saving a group of hostages or killing all the criminals, and criminals win by killing all the cops, while Crosshair mode finds criminals attempting to kill a government witness before he gets to the extraction point.


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