The Indian government accused Google mapping military secrets.

According NewsWeek news, Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) recently ordered will Google Maps mapping sensitive areas regarding alleged military investigation.

Google in February 2012 – from March launched the “Mapathon 2013” in a contest called mapping to help improve Google Maps location information within India. Google Maps requires participants to draw and submit their own living environment, and try to provide detailed geographic information.

Competition winner Vishal Saini Pathankot drawn map of the city, this area is very close to the disputed region between India and Pakistan. When submitting entries is rumored map, Vishal Saini also pointed out a large chunk of them, “the military field.” Thus said the Central Bureau of Investigation, India Google contest involving leaks of sensitive areas and military installations.

Surveyor General of India said that only the relevant departments have the right mapping and save the sensitive area map, while ensuring that sensitive military area does not appear on the general map; any other organization or individual has the right to do so. The Google Maps contest organized by the authorities has not been permitted.

Google India responded that the company has maintained contact with government departments, and strictly abide by relevant laws and safety regulations; This game does not involve military secrets mapping area mapping.

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