Pistons’ draft pick Spencer Dinwiddie agrees to three-year deal.

CU vs Oregon State

Colorado’s Spencer Dinwiddie dribbles past Hallice Cooke during an NCAA college basketball game Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014, in Boulder, Colo. / Jeremy Papasso/AP
Spencer Dinwiddie announced it via Twitter and Instagram on Monday night. “Uh oh, I guess it’s real now (stunned smiley face) #8,” he tweeted. The Tweet had a link to his Instagram account which showed the date and his name signed to a contract. Dinwiddie and the Pistons agreed to three-year deal with the first two seasons guaranteed. The Pistons weren’t ready to make a formal announcement because a physical is still pending. But the contract details have been reached with their second-round pick (38th overall). He was the team’s only draft pick. The point guard, who left Colorado after his junior season, is rehabbing a knee injury that forced him to miss a significant portion of last season. There has been an air of mystery surrounding Dinwiddie, 21, and whether he will be able to play next season. But the team doesn’t want the young player hung up on meeting deadlines. “I don’t have any expectation for this season because it’s not just a matter of when he’s physically cleared to play,” Pistons president and head coach Stan Van Gundy said. “When he is cleared to play, it’s gaining confidence and he also hasn’t played basketball in a longtime and he will have missed summer league and probably miss training camp. So it’s a slow process back, and so I just want to take all the expectations out of it — not just for us or the fans but also for him.”

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