Selena Gomez Fuels Implant Rumors By Wearing A Tight, Sheer Top In NYC (Video).


Selena Gomez left little to the imagination while out in New York City on Wednesday, wearing a sheer, nearly see-through spaghetti tank that enhanced her cleavage and left many wondering if she had gotten breast implants.

Sans bra and appearing a little chilly, Selena smiled for the cameras as she left an NYC restaurant, dressed also in a pair of tight jeans and black heels.

Two weeks ago a source “exclusively” told website Hollywood Life (take that as you will) that Selena was planning on getting a boob job to keep on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber interested in her, and that rumor began to circulate quickly.

The source said that Selena felt like she needed “to be the hottest girl in the world to keep [Justin’s] attention” and that she compared herself to the other girls that he had dated during their ‘off’ phases, like Yovanna Ventura and Chantel Jeffries. Selena reportedly assumed that implants would at least put her on par with them in the looks department, because apparently being a gorgeous, successful actress and singer is less desirable than a pair of aspiring models, only one of whom appears to have bigger breasts than Selena.

That would be Jeffries, who was spotted getting onto a yacht with Bieber on July 3; and Ventura posted a pair of images with the singer earlier this week, titling one, “Sweetest guy ever.”

Selena Gomez

Gomez filming “Spring Breakers” in 2012

It seems that Bieber has gone into full Charlie Sheen mode, latching on to a couple of decent-looking nobodies to fill the void left in his life by Selena — who we say did not get an augmentation.

It looks to us that the sheer, tight fabric of Selena’s top has simply done the same thing that any push-up bra would have done.

We can’t complain about having to intensely study the photos (which can be seen over atThe Superficial) though.

If Teri Hatcher were around she’d probably say, “they’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

Selena Gomez

See tons of photos of Selena for comparison’s sake right here

Selena Gomez



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