Bakersfield police find $76 million in marijuana in U-Haul truck.

Bakersfield Police Make $76M Marijuana Bust

bakersfield police discovered more than $76 million worth of marijuana crammed inside a U-Haul truck this week after the driver reportedly ran a red light.

Daniel Ruiz, 22, and Jose Alcarez, 24, both of Bakersfield, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and of transporting and possessing marijuana for sale after police discovered more than three tons of pot inside the moving van, the Bakersfield Police Department said in a statement.

Officers stopped the U-Haul about 5:32 a.m. Wednesday after it ran a red light at Bernard Street and Wendall Avenue, police said.

After stopping the truck officers smelled what they believed was marijuana, so they called in a police dog trained in narcotics detection.

The dog led officers to the moving van’s cargo area, where they discovered dozens of large bundles of marijuana, totaling 6,732 pounds.

Ruiz, the van’s driver, and Alcarez were immediately taken into custody.

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