‘I’ll see my family again one day’: Brave girl, 15, who lost her parents and four siblings in Houston shooting at the hands of her uncle leads memorial event just a day after leaving hospital.

Cassidy Stay- haskell - houston murders - BANNER.jpg

Cassidy Stay, 15, the lone survivor of the Spring, Texas, shooting spree that wiped out her family, told a crowd of more than 400 people that she finds comfort in the thought that her parents and siblings are in a better place now, pictured above. Cassidy has been hailed a hero for having the presence of mind to call 911 and alert police that the shooter, her former uncle Robert Haskell, pictured inset, may be planning to kill her grandparents. On Saturday, Cassidy and her grandfather Robert Lyon, pictured center attended a celebration of life organized in Spring to remember their slain loved ones. Haskell shot dead Katie Stay, 34, her husband, Stephen, 39, and four of their five children on Wednesday. Haskell was previously married to Katie Stay’s sister Melanie and was searching for her. According to police, he killed the family after they refused to say where his ex-wife was hiding.


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