Perfection: a Bunch of Goats Screaming Along to the Jurassic Park Song.

Goats are everywhere: Singing the national anthem, stampeding across the Internet, and now they’re covering the theme song to Jurassic Park, the greatest summer blockbuster of all time (I am prepared to fight for this claim).

The video (via UpRoxx) is simply more evidence for what I’ve suspected for years: Famously bearded composer John Williams is actually a goat. THE REPTILIANS ARE JUST A FRONT, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TRUTH, SHEEPLE.

Easily the second best Jurassic Park-related viral video. This beauty remains the all-time winner, of course:

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My funniest association with Jurassic Park is when I took my 37-year-old boyfriend to see it FOR THE FIRST TIME when it was re-released last year and, at the end where they’re choppering poor old Jeff Goldblum out of there and all the dinosaurs are running around free below, he leaned over and whispered, “so… what, now we have this dino island and we just tell people, “uh, you probably shouldn’t go there.”

I really like imagining the state department’s travel warning for that.


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