Megan Fox crushed on Turtle.

Megan Fox’s first ever crush was on one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Megan Fox crushed on Turtle

The stunning actress is portraying news anchor April O’Neil in the movie adaptation of the popular 1980s cartoon about a group of four crime fighting turtles; Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo.

As one of the biggest shows of the era many children grew up with a favourite turtle, but 28-year-old Megan says that she has a full blown crush on one of the green reptiles.

“My first crush, and everyone thinks this is really weird, but little girls have crushes on animated characters, and my first crush was Michaelangelo,” Megan laughed to MTV. “So I’m super excited.

“They were my favourite movies as a kid. That was my thing. Way, way more so than Star Wars or in later years, still more than Lord of the Rings. It was always Ninja Turtles.”

Megan stars alongside Will Arnett, Johnny Knoxville and Whoopi Goldberg in the hotly-anticipated big screen adventure.

Will is also excited to star in the movie and says that while the cast and crew of the new film may have updated certain aspects, the feature stays faithful to the original.

“There is time in the sewers. There is time in the lair. There’s all of it,” Will said of the movie’s sets. “I think we’ve done a really good job in staying true to the mythology and then telling a new story, telling a new version.”

The film marks Megan’s first film since giving birth to second son Bodhi with husband Brian Austin Green in February. They also have 20-month-old son Noah.


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