Beyonce into incest, cheating with her cousin/bodyguard Julius DeBoer?

Is Beyonce into incest? She is if she’s cheating on Jay Z with her bodyguard Julius DeBoer because insiders say Julius is Beyonce’s cousin. Despite previous reports that Beyonce and Julius are supposedly related to each other, the Internet is with rumors that the two are having an affair. According to on June 1, many people believe that Beyonce and her bodyguard are lovers.Is Beyonce into incest?  If she’s cheating on Jay Z with her bodyguard Julius, who is supposed to be her cousin, she is.  Details about Beyonce’s alleged affair with her cousin and bodyguard Julius DeBoer below.

Who is Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius DeBoer?

The relationship between Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius DeBoer suddenly became grist for the rumor mill when the surveillance video footage of the infamous Solange-Jay elevator fight went viral on the Net, according to on May 31. Julius is seen physically restraining Solange after she began punching and kicking Jay Z, while strategically positioning himself to protect Beyonce from bodily harm from Solange’s violent attack. The Beyonce-Julius infidelity rumors started shortly after that.

Julius DeBoer, a Dutch native, has been Beyonce’s bodyguard since 2009. The tall, bald-headed, stern-faced Dutchman is a familiar sight because whenever Beyonce appears in public, Julius is always nearby to protect her from danger and overzealous fans. Not much is known about Beyonce’s relative and alleged lover. However, the May 31 International Business Times reports that Julius is is from the Netherlands and is fluent in five languages. He is reportedly divorced and has one child, a daughter. Julius’s former boss was once Jay Z’s personal bodyguard.

Jay Z thinks Beyonce and Julius are lovers

According to multiple media reports on June 1 from and others, Jay Z is jealous of Beyonce’s relationship with her bodyguard, Julius DeBoer, and has long suspected that they are, and still may be romantically involved. Rumor has it that Jay Z even tried to have Julius fired earlier this year. But Julius has been Beyonce’s bodyguard for more than five years and Beyonce reportedly told her rapper husband that Julius wasn’t going anywhere. Since Julius is still her bodyguard, it’s obvious that Beyonce’s will prevailed and Jay Z was forced to back down.

Not the first infidelity accusation for Beyonce and Julius

This is not the first time that Beyonce’s relationship with her loyal bodyguard has been called into question. CelebrityDirty Laundry reports that rumors of infidelity have plagued Beyonce and her Julius for years. The two were first accused of being lovers when they were photographed leaving a hotel with Julius sporting what appeared to be Beyonce’s red lipstick smeared on his lips. On the heels of those early reports, it was reported that Beyonce and Julius were cousins. Is Beyonce guilty of committing incest by cheating with a man who is supposed to be her cousin? It depends on whether or not Julius and Beyonce are really related, and whether or not the cheating rumors are true.

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