Beyonce and Jay Z cheating on each other, secret divorce in the works.

Power couple Beyonce and Jay Z are rumored to be cheating on each other. Both are said to be having extramarital affairs and are secretly planning a divorce. On May 31, multiple media outlets, including International Business News, are reporting one of the hottest items of Internet news. Beyonce is reportedly cheating on Jay Z with her bodyguard Julius DeBoer. Jay Z is said to be cheating on Beyonce with fashion designer Rachel Roy.Beyonce and Jay Z are both rumored to be cheating on each other and are said to be secretly planning a divorce.  Details on their alleged extramarital affairs in the article below.

Jay Z’s extramarital affairs

The most recent allegations that Jay Z is cheating on Beyonce began circulating after the widely publicized elevator fight in which Beyonce’s sister, Solange violently attacked Jay Z, according to a May 31 news report from the Latin Post. The fight is rumored to have been triggered by Jay Z’s infidelity which occurred. Solange reportedly exchanged angry words with Rachel Roy for flirting with Jay Z with whom she is (or was) allegedly having an affair. Rachel is the ex-wife of Jay Z’s former business partner Damon Dash. Because Rachel is a close friend of Kim Kardashian, Rachel was said to be one of the reasons Beyonce chose not to attend the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

This is not the first time Jay Z has accused of cheating on his famous wife. Previous infidelity rumors have linked him to a number of other women, including a French model with whom he carried on a lengthy affair, a Caribbean model with whom he reportedly has a secret son, as well as singers Rihanna and Rita Ora, both of whom he worked with closely at the beginning of their careers.

Beyonce’s extramarital affairs

Beyonce is rumored to be romantically involved with her longtime bodyguard, Julius DeBoer who achieved sudden fame when the Solange-Jay Z elevator fight video went viral earlier in May. It was Julious who restrained Solange when she began kicking and punching Jay Z.According to a May 31 news report from, Jay Z is jealous of Beyonce’s relationship with her bodyguard of five years and thinks the two of them are (or were) having an affair.

Previous reports of Beyonce cheating on Jay Z involved one of her male back-up dancers. In addition, lyrics from one of Jay Z’s recent songs suggested that Beyonce had cheated on him, not once, but twice in the past.

Secretly planning a divorce

The elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z turned an unwelcome spotlight on Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage, which has been in the news ever since. Rumors have started to circulate that the hip hop couple are secretly planning a divorce which will take place at the end of the summer when their upcoming Run Tour is done. Meanwhile Beyonce are doing everything they can to give the illusion of having a perfect and problem-free marriage while quietly laying the groundwork for their billion dollar divorce.


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