Girls seen by … Tom Buisseret.

Les filles vues par… Tom Buisseret

Tom Buisseret became known under the name of its initial-TS74, that of his accomplice then became his wife, followed by their year of birth. Born in Brussels, he toured the world as a child in the motorhome : the right side of her hippie parents. He now lives in Paris, working for fashion and advertising while pursuing his personal work, in search of ”  something present and alive. At a meeting , he said, I need something that goes with the model, I need a presence and be in the exchange . “It is one of those artists who talk to their model. ”  I love photographing a strong femininity that a woman who knows why it is there.  “Tom was kind enough to answer our questions.

“Even if I’ve said” fuck you “, I’m interested.It must be something going on. “

Which device do you work?
It depends on the purpose of the image … I often uses a 3DX, a big Nikon with a sensitivity and a dive crazy.But I made ​​a very good photos with very low-end boxes.In Mexico, I had made ​​steal my luggage and I bought the next day on a Chinese market sub-brand; it did not stop me from taking photos I was proud. Everything is the intention, more than in hardware.

When and how did you decide to become a professional photographer?
I was raised in the culture of the image, surrounded by graphic designers and photographers in my family and around it. I studied graphic arts and fine arts. Then I went to see if the grass was greener elsewhere, the United States in this case … In fact I have not really decided to become a photographer, I did, that’s all.

What do you prefer to shoot? Why?
Living beings! I do not still life. I need to experience a feeling for me.

What are your inspirations (photographers and other …)?
Too hard! I watch everything I can, I love it … I’ll answer how “cloud”, if you will.


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