the beautiful Hannah Guest, photographed in Los Angeles (Beachwood Canyon to be precise).

By Hannah Guest Purienne

“An unknown object”: this is how the founders of Morena (the Spanish word which means a choice, “brown” or “tan”) define this new collection of monographs for all those who “love girls and nudity gross. ”

“Our case studies explore the relationship between a photographer and his model between nudity and elegance.”

Their first book is devoted to the series of images dedicated by Henrik Purienne, photographer and South African filmmaker, creator of the magazine Mirage and regular contributor to Him , (but also Kitsune Maison, NYLON, Esquire …), the beautiful Hannah Guest, photographed in Los Angeles (Beachwood Canyon to be precise).

48 pages of pure bliss, accompanied by a conversation between the artist and untied his model … Excerpt:

Henrik Purienne. How have we met already? Hannah Guest. with Alcohol. We found through the Internet, via our mutual friend Dylan, whiskey and our shared love for nudity. It was inevitable that we met, seen the interests we share … You carried me, naked under the moonlight and we became the best of friends. (I’m fairly happy that we still soyions friends, otherwise this photo would now rather embarrassing!). If we had not met, I guess you would have followed me to the grocery store and spied on where I shop. At least I hope so …

HP. Yes, via a friend who, moreover, was not yet … A very talented young photographer who lives in New York and asked me to join him for a coffee. It came with you. I think you presented as his girlfriend. At first, I took you for a wave fan, vaguely hipster … And then a scouter ( term that means an employee of a modeling agency that hires models crossed the street, NdT ) approached you, you sent a stroll hand gesture, and I said you had something special. We ended up with me on the hills, drinking, dancing, taking pictures and having fun. Our mutual friend Dylan is gone the next day. Thou art remained.

Find Morena on its website here , the editor -Cordova Canillas online here andHenrik Purienne here !


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