Pie chart: Detroit Pistons’ NBA draft lottery odds visualized.

The NBA draft lottery is set for 8 p.m. Tuesday on ESPN.

The Detroit Pistons are slotted at No. 8 of 14 teams in the draft lottery. Though, as you know by now, their draft situation is a bit interesting this year.

First of all, here are Pistons, odds at each draft choice, courtesy of the NBA:

■ No. 1 pick: 2.80%

■ No. 2 pick: 3.26%

■ No. 3 pick: 3.88%

■ Nos. 4-7 picks: 0%

■ No. 8 pick: 72.47%

■ No. 9 pick: 16.78%*

■ No. 10 pick: 0.80%*

■ No. 11 pick: 0.01%*

■ Nos. 12-14 picks: 0%

In other words, the Pistons have a slim chance at cracking the top three and a huge chance at securing the No. 8 overall pick.

But with their pick Top-8 protected because of their Ben Gordon trade with the Charlotte Bobcats in 2012, if the Pistons’ pick falls below No. 8, the Bobcats take the pick (hence, the asterisks). So there’s a 17.59% chance of the Pistons losing the pick altogether.

Here’s a pie chart to help visualize the Pistons’ chances:

On mobile? View the pie chart here.


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