Kendall Jenner’s Super Racy Photo Has People Freaking Out (PHOTO).

kendall jennerPut on your judging caps, folks!Kendall Jenner just posted a picture to Instagram, where she seems to be experiencing a bit of anip slip issue. And, yes, as you may suspect, people are going crazy over it — in a bad way. One person even commented on the photo, “Guess you decided to do porn.”

Now, I don’t claim to be president of the Kardashian-Jenner fan club here, but really? Showing a little nipple equates to porn now? My, how times have changed. The picture isn’t necessarily one I’d want my 18-year-old daughter putting on the Internet. But I think we’re all forgetting something here: Kendall is an actual model. And we see these photos in magazines and on billboards every day. What’s the diff?

Here’s Kendall’s pic.


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