How Online Learning Works.

Transitions: College and Career Prep

What is Transitions: College and Career Prep?

For some adult learners, the challenge of going to college is not just about finding the time, but also about being prepared for the rigors of the classroom. Transitions is an 8-week prep course where you work closely with online instructors to develop or refresh the learning skills you will need to succeed at Penn State World Campus.

Structured like our online Penn State courses, Transitions can help you ease into the typical course environment. In this course you can:

  • gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the online classroom
  • prepare for the next step in your education through career exploration
  • work anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you since all work is completely online

How can Transitions help me?

By focusing on learning development in many different areas, Transitions can help with:

  • improving your study skills, including time management, test taking, note taking, and general organization
  • establishing your educational plan through discovery of career and personal interests
  • developing basic research, college-level writing, and presentation skills
  • increasing basic computer skills, including word processing, Internet, and email
  • understanding what financial aid resources are available to you

What kind of commitment should I expect?

You should expect to invest approximately 10 hours per week on the course. Students will also be well supported with instructor feedback.

What are the requirements?

The Transitions course is designed to help students who have:

  • completed a GED and have not yet gone on to college
  • completed a high school diploma, but have been out of school for a period of time
  • attended college in the past and performed poorly
  • been away from college for a period of time and want to brush up on basic skills before returning

If you are interested in registering for the next Transitions: College and Career Prep course, contact a Penn State World Campus Admissions Counselor at 800-252-3592.


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