Addictive addictive little game-Game Hero.

It’s been a while since I roll a little game-addictive-that-addictive here on the blog but on the other hand this is to kill the cock!!

If you are of my generation and tb crossed the age of games since squares in movement of the first games to the ultra-realistic games loucuragem current, good chance of dripping a tear while playing the Game Hero…. (if the trailer alloy)


To win this game you need to go through 4 stages that represent the 4 seasons in the history of the games. …

In the first level, 8-bit World you embodies a game that resembles a mixture of the firstSuper Mario with PitFall!. well in the style of the first games of success of Atari and Sega Master System.

After the 16-bit World around the nostalgia of the second generation with a platform game of those epoch-making in the Mega Drive/Genesis and Super Nintendo(the splash screen makes a tribute to Sonic toast!)

And the 64-bit World 32/ vc enters the era of games for PC, the gameplay with the mouse somewhat resembles a mixture of classics Diablo and Counter Strike.

But to close the trip still has the final step with the “modern world”, representing the most advanced games like PortalCall of DutyBattlefield… full of graphics 3D mt locos and bug catching neurotico with laser shots ringing in your ear of cyborg!!!!!!


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