Paris Hilton shopping in West Hollywood December 9.

Paris Hilton

Getting in some retail therapy, Paris Hilton was spotted out and about in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon (December 9).

Burglary must run in the family for the Hilton clan. A year after her big sister’s home was broken into by a crew of teen bandits, Nicky Hilton is now reeling from a burglary at her Los Angeles home. Police say they were called Tuesday afternoon and were told that several unidentified items were swiped. Paris Hilton took to her Twitter feed to voice her outrage at both the criminals and the police for what she felt was a delayed response to their distress.

“It’s unbelievable how my sister called the cops over an hour ago and they still haven’t shown up,” she wrote around 3:30 PM PST. “Her house just got robbed, so messed up.”



Paris made her displeasure known at whoever may have burgled her sister, and noted correctly the uptick in celebrity robberies as of late.

“I HATE people who steal! It’s so wrong! I hope they catch whoever did this! There has (sic) been so many robberies lately. So scary!”

She wasn’t the only one to be scared, however. Paris says her sister “thought her cats escaped in the robbery but she just found them under the bed. Thank God.”

Paris, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom are among several young celebrities whose homes have been burglarized in recent months. Four people have pleaded not guilty to charges involving the theft of $3 million in jewelry, designer clothes and other items.



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